Competition Terms & Conditions

Entering the Tipstrr World Cup 2022 Competition ("Competition") is free and easy.

Who can enter?

In order to be eligible for any of our prizes, entrants are required to be over the age of 18, have a valid account with us at Tipstrr, a Planet Sport Bet account, must be a resident of the UK/Ireland, and must have read and agreed to the Tipstrr Terms & Conditions.

Employees of Tipstrr, Planet Sport Bet, and their immediate family are excluded from entry.

Opening / closing times

The Competition will open at 18:00 GMT on Thursday 17th November 2022. Each subsequent round's entries will open the day before the first match of the round, and will close at the kickoff time of the opening game of the round.

Valid entries for each round will be totalled up for each entrant to establish an overall winner. Entrants do not need to enter every round to be eligible for the overall prize.

How to Enter

To enter the Competition, simply visit the competition page and select one outcome from each of the listed games from that round as "Selections".

After entrants have submitted their Selections, they can be changed up until the entry window for that round closes.

If any game is subsequently cancelled then that Selection will be deemed void and score 0 (zero) points for Competition purposes, unless the selection is changed before entries close.

Maximum number of entries

Entries are limited to ONE per person per Competition. If Tipstrr believes that any one person has made or may have made more than one entry to a Competition then Tipstrr may disqualify all entries that Tipstrr believes have been made by that person.

If Tipstrr believes that any one person has or may have created more than one registration for the Competition then Tipstrr may block all such registrations from submitting entries to the Competition.


Establishing a Winner

The winner will be the entrant who scores the most points over the round's fixtures (or over all five rounds, for the Overall competition). Winners for each round will be announced at the end of each round.

Scoring will be sorted by the total points from qualifying games.

Points awarded

For every Selection that matches the outcome of a given game, 1 point will be awarded. The final round of eight games will operate slightly differently, but there will still be eight points available to be won.

Tie Breakers

In the event that two entrants have the same score, we use the following logic to work out which player is ahead on the leaderboard.

  1. Players have the same score
  2. Which entrant has the closest answer to the tiebreaker question (closest is ranked higher)
  3. Timestamp of entry (earliest entrant is ranked higher)

Tipstrr will decide the best way to split any prizes should there still be a tie after this, and Tipstrr's decision is final.


Overall Competition Prizes

  • 1st place
    An Xbox Series X Console
  • 2nd place
    World Cup football shirt from a team of your choice
  • 3rd place
    £50 free bets with Planet Sport Bet
  • 4th place
    £30 free bets with Planet Sport Bet
  • 5th place
    £20 free bets with Planet Sport Bet

Prizes for Rounds 1-5

  • 1st place
    £50 free bets with Planet Sport Bet
  • 2nd place
    £20 free bets with Planet Sport Bet
  • 3rd place
    £10 free bets with Planet Sport Bet

Prize distribution

Prizes will be arranged with winners and paid within 14 days of the end of the Competition. Winners will be notified via email. Winners may be required to verify their age, identity and residence to the satisfaction of Tipstrr before they are eligible to receive a prize.

Any announcement on social media or other public forum will be pending verification and should not be considered final confirmation.

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